Tonight is the final game of the Celtics season. It’s been a rough one record wise, but hopefully has laid the framework for a quick rebuild. previews the last time we’ll see Boston in action this season.


Remember the last time the Boston Celtics were this bad? If not, then consider yourself lucky, let me take you back to 2007. Seven years ago today the Boston Celtics were finishing up one of the worst seasons in franchise history and were about a month away from being dealt a terrible blow by the […]


Bill Simmons weekly mailbag featured what some would consider grim news about Rajon Rondo’s worth this summer. Simmons addressed not only Rondo’s trade value, but a possible Kyrie Irving for Rajon Rondo deal. Here is what he had to say: Q: What’s your opinion on Rondo and Boston’s 1st round pick for Kyrie? —William Demitro, Chicago SG: […]


The Celtics have reason to celebrate! No, we aren’t going to make the playoffs..and no we haven’t developed a time travel device to bring Paul Pierce and KG back to Boston. Orlando beat the Nets on Wednesday night! This moved Boston into a tie with Orlando for the third worst record in basketball (ouch for […]

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Rajon Rondo received a flop warning from the NBA on Thursday, While playing the Hawks, Rondo appeared to fall without contact while trying to initiate a charge from Jeff Teague in the fourth quarter of Wednesday’s Loss. Here is a video of the play. This is the 3rd flop warning of the season for the C’s. […]


Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs gets plenty of criticism here in Boston. However lets take a moment to thank him for a plan announced in recent days to renovate the TD Garden. Backed by Delaware North Companies, the seventy million dollar investment will look to modernize the home of the Boston Celtics. Here is a list […]


Most Celtics fans have their concentration zeroed in on that high lottery pick we are likely bound for. But the Celtics will be picking twice in the first round this year. Thanks to the Brooklyn Nets trade this offseason, Boston will receive the Nets first rounder, which after last night is nearly set to be […]


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