At a certain age people look around and realize that despite feeling like nothing ever changes, in actuality everything has changed. In real life it’s the moment when someone wakes up and looks in the mirror to see that the 17-year-old kid that used to stare back at him is now a 30-year-old man […]

Eric Bledsoe, Josh Smith

It’s no secret that Phoenix and Eric Bledsoe have not agreed on a contract yet and the league has been expecting a trade for a while now. At the moment it looks as if there will be no deal and Bledsoe will be forced to sign the qualifying offer, as he is a restricted free […]


If you want the Celtics to win as many games as possible next year, you know that they are analysts and websites saying that the Celtics are going to be a bottom team in the Eastern Conference. Just look at the doubt. Bleacher Report has the Celtics with a measly 24 wins. Chris Forsberg of […]


The Boston Celtics are inching nearer to the start of the 2014-15 NBA season, meaning GM Danny Ainge’s offseason is coming to a close.  The Celtics have amassed a plethora of young talent with high hopes to return soon to the playoffs. The only problem is that the Celtics currently have too many players on […]


In the last five seasons, no one has been rumored in trades more than Rajon Rondo. This summer has been no different, especially with the Kevin Love sweepstakes going on in June and July. A recent rumor has many saying Rondo will be in a Sacramento Kings uniform next year. According to Basketball Insiders via Tyler […]


I’ve read through a lot of message boards, blog sites, and NBA forums, and unfortunately it seems that not many people are excited about the upcoming Celtics season. I understand the pessimism, we’re probably not going to be a championship contender this year and after a summer of Kevin Love rumors that’s a disappointment for […]


Last season, the Celtics’ schedule featured emotional reunions with the Nets and Clippers, Rajon Rondo’s return from injury, and the debut of newly acquired players such as Kelly Olynyk and Kris Humphries. This year’s schedule will not feature as much drama, but is instrumental in determining the future of this franchise.  Let’s take a look. […]


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