Avery Bradley Unsure Of Timetable For Return

Avery Bradley talked to Comcast in regards to his time-table on returning to the court next season. Bradley has undergone two surgeries within recent months. However the 21-year old guard is unsure of when his return will be saying, “They don’t really give me time frames.” Bradley’s break-out season occurred unexpectedly after the guard became known as one of, if not the most ferocious on the ball defender in the NBA.

Celtics Head of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge knew the possibility of Bradley missing the beginning of the season was likely and has loaded up at the guard position with the additions of Jason Terry and Courtney Lee. Said Ainge,

“We know there’s a possibility that Avery won’t be able to play the first month of the season, so we have to be prepared for that. You never know how these things play out. Will it be a month? Or two months? I don’t think it’ll be much longer than that, or he could be back sooner. You try to build a roster where you can get by with any injury, that can sustain you through a short period of time.”

Ainge’s meticulous preparation has created what should be an easy transition between the guards when Bradley returns. With the addition of Lee, Jason Terry should be able to serve as 6th man off the bench. Personally, I can’t wait to watch Avery “D” up Ray Allen or Dwayne Wade in Miami next year. What do you guys think of Avery Bradley?

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