Celtics Up-to-the-Minute Trade Rumor Updates 2:00 P.M. 2/21/13

Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett

Update 2:00 P.M. 2/21: Celtics have traded Leandro Barbosa to the Washington Wizards for Jordan Crawford.

Update: 12:23 P.M. 2/21: Reports are coming out the Clippers management is torn between the Garnett deal and are entering talks once again with the Celtics. It may take a Pierce deal to get Garnett to waive his no trade clause. Any movement on the Garnett front will be reported immediately.

Update: 11:47 A.M. 2/21: Marc Stein is now reporting that the Celtics are going after Kings guard Tyreke Evans.

Update 11:03 A.M. 2/21: The Celtics are targeting Washington’s Jordan Crawford with Fab Melo. Also, Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting the Celtics are not the favorites, but the dark-horse behind the Suns and Bucks for Josh Smith. The Celtics are also showing interest in guard J.J. Redick as well as a half-dozen other teams.

Update 8:06 P.M. 2/20: Reports have it that Danny Ainge is talking to “everyone” right now. This is likely the most active he has ever been in the history as Celtics GM. Reports have come through that the Celtics are interested in Gerald Henderson of the Charlotte Bobcats. His father use to play for Boston. I can’t imagine what they would give up, as the Cats have already rejected a swap involving J.J. Hickson of Portland.

Contrary to Adrian Wojnarowski’s reports, the Celtics are still one of the three teams in the front seat for Josh Smith according to Chris Broussard. Who to believe? I tend to side with Wojo. however that is entirely up to you.

Other reports have come out saying the Celtics are in talks to send Fab Melo and Brandon Bass to the Suns for center Marcin Gortat.

Update 5:42 P.M. 2/20: The Brooklyn Nets have allegedly offered Kris Humphries, Marshon Brooks, and a first round pick to the Celtics for Paul Pierce. The Celtics want a more substantial package if anything were to be considered.

Update 4:49 P.M. 2/20: It appears the Celtics are essentially out of the Josh Smith sweepstakes. Reports indicate Phoenix, Brooklyn, and Milwaukee are the three teams in the lead to land the power-forward. If anything changes we will let you know here.

Update: 2:20 P.M. 2/20: Apparently that price tag for Rondo was someone like Howard, Paul, or a group of assets similar to the Carmelo Anthony deal. That is not happening. Also, according to Chris Broussard, the front-runners to land Josh Smith are currently the Nets, Bucks, and Celtics.

T-Wolves also rumored to be interested in Avery Bradley in Courtney Lee. Luke Ridnour, J.J. Barea, and Derrick Williams have all been names thrown into trade talks. This appears to be from the Minnesota side. It is unclear if the Celtics have any clear interest at the moment.

Update 12:30 P.M. 2/20: Rajon Rondo’s agent Billy Duffy has allegedly been informed by Danny Ainge that Rondo will not be traded. Fab Melo is allegedly on the block for a player that would strengthen the core of the team this year.

Update 10:30 AM 2/20: Chris Broussard is reporting the Celtics are currently shopping Rondo. Tom Penn of ESPN and former Blazers GM thinks Boston should trade Rondo for Gortat and two first round picks. It would be a way to revitalize this year’s effort and at the same time get two high first round picks.

Update 8:21 AM 2/20:

Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting the Celtics and Clippers have terminated talks for Kevin Garnett. However do not believe that means it is over. According to Wojo, the Celtics are eager to speak again but only if the talks involve Bledsoe and Jordan. The Clippers front office is hesitant towards this deal, however coach Vinny Del Negro is pushing for it. Essentially, if Chris Paul wants the deal, LA will push harder to make it.

Meanwhile almost all talks between the Hawks and other teams for Josh Smith have gone awry. With the Celtics and Nets as the only two suitors that will likely pay him the money he wants, unless someone is willing to rent him for half a season, as it was rumored the Bucks were, it is fair to say both of those teams are still in the running.

Wojnarowski’s sources say if the Celtics do re-engage with Clippers and trade Garnett, they will then trade Pierce.  Chris Paul in a way controls the Celtics’ future if you were to follow the domino effect.

Reports have also said Ainge is willing to deal Rondo if the deal is right, but not for less than he is worth. For this reason, I can’t see any deal being done here. But who knows, Ainge has been attempting to trade Rondo for YEARS.

Update 11:42 AM 2/19:

Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports spoke on WEEI this morning. He says he would personally make both deals. Spears also added he thinks the Garnett to LA trade will go down. Remember fans, this is one man’s opinion.

The Celtics rumor mill has highlighted the league over the last week. From now until the deadline on Thursday at 3 o’clock we will be on high alert for any rumors thrown out to the public. So what is the state of Danny Ainge’s shopping bonanza right now? Here you go.

Regarding Josh Smith:

The Celtics are one of a few teams attempting to land Smith. According to Marc Stein, the Brooklyn Nets are pushing harder than anyone for him. But what do they really have to give up? I don’t see the Hawks accepting an offer unless it includes substantial draft picks. The other two teams who are both most likely to trade and on the Smith hunt are the Suns and Bucks. Phoenix swapping Gortat for Smith makes the most sense. However both of those teams will have difficulty convincing Smith to sign long-term, something that will likely stop any trade.

Then there’s the Celtics:

According to Marc Stein, the Celtics would need to throw Paul Pierce in the deal to make it sweet enough for Atlanta. Why would they want him? They can buy out his contract at the end of the season. Yes, they could have had the same end game with Smith, however they are likely trying to land a draft pick or two along with the extended cap space.

Stein appears to be hesitant towards the idea the Celtics would trade a legend to the Hawks. However just last year Ainge threw out Pierce to the Nets for a lottery pick. The difference? This trade rumor is more public. In my opinion, it is going to come down to whether or not Ainge thinks that move would be the best thing for the franchise.

Regarding Kevin Garnett: 

Lets gets the no trade clause out of the way first. Everything Kevin Garnett has said infers he will not waive it no matter what. Even Chauncey Billups, Garnett’s close friend, also does not believe he will. But if this was so, I don’t understand why Garnett would say “I understand this is a business”, and have Danny Ainge make phone calls knowing he will reject them out-right.

Either these two guys have horrible communication, or we need to do some reading between the lines. On top of this, sources close to both sides have said they believe if Ainge asks him to waive the clause for LA, he will. I am sure if nothing happens we will hear people say he was never going to waive it, but I do not think that is true.

So what is the snag with the KG trade?

The current rumor people have thrown around is Kevin Garnett for Eric Bledsoe and Deandre Jordan. Whether or not the Celtics would do this is undetermined. Stein has reported sources close to the situation believe the Clippers would likely not make this deal. But he thinks this may be posturing.

Garnett would make them title favorites, something that may be viewed as good enough of a pro to match losing young players. Bledsoe currently makes less than 2-million a year while Jordan makes nearly 11-million. Some may consider this a bad contract after Jordan’s regression and poor foul shooting.

However it will be tough for LA to let go of what appeared to be a promising center at the age of 24 on top of Bledsoe’s aspiring future. According to other reports, the Clippers will go as hard for Garnett as Chris Paul wants. So how badly does Paul want him? I guess we will find out.

Since these rumors originated last week, the Clippers have reportedly looked at the ideas of trading for Paul Millsap. If I were LA, I would prefer Millsap over Garnett. Although he does not make the Clippers as good of a team this year as Garnett would, his shelf life is significantly longer and another piece to the future puzzle. I would think LA is going to push for this as long as possible before landing Garnett.

So will these happen?

Danny Ainge is not afraid to make any deal. He will do what is best for the franchise, which is why he is such a great general manager. One may ask themselves, why trade for guys that may not necessarily be championship pieces? Because they are assets that can be hedged in the future. In order for these to happen I do feel Pierce will be the first to go.

Once Pierce is dealt, it may be easier to convince Garnett to veto his trade clause. In my personal opinion, if one goes, both will. But I do not see it happening right now. I put both deals at a 20 percent chance. Stay tuned to CelticFanChat.com for constant updates.

By: Chris Nihan @chrisnihan

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