Should the Celtics Keep ’em or Sweep ’em: Jordan Crawford


Last week we revealed volume two of Keep ‘Em or Sweep ‘Em which ultimately lets fans play the role of Danny Ainge and have their voices heard. It featured Jason Terry , and it looks like fans want him back for the 2013-14 season. Here are the poll results:

Should Boston Keep Jason Terry?

  • Yes – 47.46 %
  • No – 20.34 %
  • I can live with him staying or leaving – 32.2 %

So, Boston fans want Jason Terry to stay, yet the numbers are different from anticipated. It’s spread across the board, but he will likely be back as a Celtic baring retirement (which he has already refuted) or being a piece of a trade package.

However, today’s edition of Keep Em’ or Sweep Em’ features number 27, Jordan Crawford. The guard was added to the roster at the trade deadline day, sending Leandro Barbosa and Jason Collins to the Wizards. Prior to the trade, Crawford had a drop of minutes with the team, yet before was posting solid numbers for Washington.

Jordan closed out the season with the Celtics, taking to a small bench role, and played just two minutes in Game 6 against New York. Nonetheless, on the season his averages were ok for a bench player as they are noted below.

9.1 PPG, 2.5 Assists, 2.7 Rebounds, 0.6 Steals, 1.6 Turnovers, 41.5% From the Field, 79.2% FT

After taking a look at his full stat line, what do Boston fans want Danny Ainge to do with Crawford? I personally say he is a replaceable bench player, who also carries an attitude. If any fans remember his remarks to Carmelo after Game 5, you’ve proved my point. That topic dates back to his struggles in Washigton, and that is not arguable.

However, Crawford is a solid shooter, and I would be content with his output in the amount of minutes he receives. Despite that, I can also live with what Ainge decides, using him as possible trade bait.

Take a stand below, but I’m not entirely sold on Jordan Crawford. In general, I would like for him to accept a smaller bench role when Rondo is back, yet if he was gone, I would be fine as well.

By Alec Mastovich: @amastovich


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