CFC: 2014 NBA Mock Draft 1.0


With the NBA Draft lottery now a full week behind us, it’s time to start looking toward the actual NBA Draft. Four of our writers teamed up together to conduct their very own mock draft. Find out who the Celtics ended up with under our scenario:

1. Cleveland Cavaliers: Joel Embiid

If Embiid is indeed healthy, he has the potential to be a franchise-changing center.  Although he has only played basketball for four years (!), he is tremendously talented as a shotblocker, low post finisher, and rebounder.  His potential is impossible for the Cavaliers to pass on with the number one pick.

– Larry Flynn

2. Milwaukee Bucks: Andrew Wiggins

After a dreadful season, the Bucks finally are going to get rewarded for the pain they suffered. With limited talent at the small forward position, Andrew Wiggins should be able to make an immediate impact and will get a chance to mature his game in Milwaukee.

– Dustin Lewis

3. Philadelphia 76ers: Jabari Parker

There are a consensus top three prospects in this draft. With the first two of those off the board, it’s an easy selection here. Parker can be the franchise scorer in Philly for years to come.

– Andrew Silva

4. Orlando Magic: Dante Exum

As the most intriguing and exotic prospect in the draft, Orlando takes Exum here to give Victor Oladipo a partner in the backcourt. With his height he can help defend shooting guards, and his ball handling will allow Oladipo to work off the ball and become a better scorer.

– Josh Viola

5. Utah Jazz: Aaron Gordon

Gordon is loaded with athleticism and can make an instant impact defensively.  At only 18 years old, he has tremendous upside.  But Gordon also has many flaws offensively and must be molded into more of a power forward.  Who the Jazz hire as a coach will be critical to the success of this pick.

– Larry Flynn

6. Boston Celtics: Marcus Smart

This was my toughest pick of the draft by far since I had to pick for my own team haha. The best players available at this spot were Smart, Noah Vonleh, and Julius Randle. Since the Celtics already have a starting power forward in Sullinger, I decided to try to up the depth in the back court. With Rondo in the last year of his contract and the possibility of him being traded always around, Marcus Smart could make an instant impact.

– Dustin Lewis

7. Los Angeles Lakers: Julius Randle

The Lakers need some young talent. With Pau Gasol likely out in LA there’s an immediate need at power forward. Julius Randle should be able to step in right away and contribute.

– Andrew Silva

8: Sacramento Kings: Gary Harris

Although he measured a bit on the small side, Harris will give the Kings an instant starter coming out as one of the more polished players in this draft. At only 19, he is still growing and is a great athlete to put with DeMarcus Cousins for the next ten years.

– Josh Viola

9. Charlotte Hornets: Noah Vonleh

Vonleh would be an absolute steal here for the Hornets at nine, who are extremely lucky to keep this pick after Detroit’s lottery flop.  Vonleh has incredible physical tools, but also has the skills to shoot the ball and play in the high post.  He would make a nice complement to Al Jefferson’s low post game.

– Larry Flynn

10. Philadelphia 76ers: Dario Saric

I wanted to target Noah Vonleh here, but obviously he was taken a pick before me. I went with a very intriguing prospect in Dario Saric from Croatia. He is a legit top five prospect if he could just make his mind up and come play in the NBA. Saric should be able to fill the small forward or power forward spot in Philadelphia with his skill set.

– Dustin Lewis

11. Denver Nuggets: James Young

Young really made his presence felt in the NCAA tournament. Moving into next season, Denver doesn’t really have the shooting guard position solidified. The lefty could grow into Ty Lawson’s backcourt mate for the foreseeable future.

– Andrew Silva

12. Orlando Magic: Rodney Hood

Where Oladipo and Exum struggle with their shot, Hood is a great shooter who can complement them both by opening up the floor. Getting Oladipo, Exum, and Hood in two years will solidify the Magic 1-3 positions for the next ten.

– Josh Viola

13. Minnesota Timberwolves: Nik Stauskas

The Timberwolves are at a potential crossroads with the Kevin Love fiasco, but chances are the Timberwolves make an effort to improve their roster before trading their star player.  Enter Stauskas, who is clearly the best player available at this pick.  Although he needs work defensively, he is an NBA ready shooter and scorer.

– Larry Flynn

14. Phoenix Suns: P.J. Hairston

Phoenix is already a playoff team and have a ton of young building blocks. Adding a player like P.J. Hairston to the mix makes them better immediately, he can stretch the floor and make an early impact for this Suns squad. I think P.J. is one of the most ready prospects in the entire draft.

– Dustin Lewis

15. Atlanta Hawks: Jusuf Nurkic

Al Horford went down last year with an injury, and Paul Millsap will be entering the final year of his contract. Nurkic has the physical make up to be a starting center in this league. Should Horford come back gimpy from his injury, or Millsap leave via free agency, Nurkic could fill that gap in the front court.

– Andrew Silva

16. Chicago Bulls: Doug McDermott

Surprised that he fell this low but Dougie McBuckets would be a great pickup for the Bulls at this spot. He measured out as a surprisingly good athlete and we all know he can score. Bring him off the bench or start him with Derrick Rose and the Bulls will have someone to go to when they need to score a basket. Needs to improve his defense to play for Coach Thibs though.

– Josh Viola

17. Boston Celtics: Zack LaVine

Praised for his athleticism, LaVine would be a high-upside pick for the Celtics.  With the Celtics already drafting Smart, LaVine would add to a new-look athletic backcourt that would probably signal the departure of Rajon Rondo and/or Avery Bradley.  LaVine may not be able to contribute right away, but the Celtics and Brad Stevens should be able to groom LaVine over time.  This pick reminds me of the high-upside Gerald Green pick Ainge made at 18 back in 2005.

– Larry Flynn

18. Phoenix Suns: K.J. McDaniels

After nabbing a shooting guard with their last pick, I scanned Phoenix’s roster and noticed not a lot of depth at the small forward position. What better way to fill that than with K.J. McDaniels, an athletic freak out of Clemson. K.J. may need some time to develop, but he has a ton of potential to become a great two-way player.

– Dustin Lewis

19. Chicago Bulls: Adreian Payne

The Bulls love to play defense, and that’s Payne’s speciality. Carlos Boozer could very well be gone, and Taj Gibson has been mentioned in several trade rumors. Payne could step in immediately and give the Bulls minutes, and that’s important for a team looking to win sooner rather than later.

– Andrew Silva

20. Toronto Raptors: Mitch McGary

Raptors reach a little bit for McGary here but it should pay off. McGary is ranked low because of an injury that put him out for much of the season and then a marijuana bust. I’m not saying that isn’t a big deal but I’d guess that it will all be forgiven if he comes in and contributes. He would’ve been a top 15 pick last year and should be a good value pick here for Toronto.

– Josh Viola

21. OKC Thunder: Elfrid Payton

Payton may not be a nationally recognized prospect, but nonetheless he is a guard with great size and potential.  With a 6-foot-3 frame and long arms, Payton is exactly the type of player the Thunder will be able to mold into a backcourt piece for the future.  He could play alongside Reggie Jackson or take his place if Jackson leaves for free agency in a few years.

– Larry Flynn

22. Memphis Grizzlies: Shabazz Napier

Memphis already has a playoff ready roster, but there is not much depth behind Mike Conley. Shabazz Napier is a good pick to help provide depth behind Conley for years. He is a tireless worker and always gives 100 percent of himself every game to try to win. He might be the ultimate competitor of this entire draft.

– Dustin Lewis

23. Utah Jazz: Kyle Anderson

Anderson is such a unique player because of his size and skill. His lack athleticism and undefined position make him a risk though. Utah’s big men should help protect Anderson defensively, and with Gordon Hayward a restricted free agent, drafting Anderson provides some insurance.

– Andrew Silva

24. Charlotte Hornets: Cleanthony Early

Older than a lot of guys in this draft, Cleanthony Early should be able to help out right away for Charlotte. He gives them another guy at the shooting forward spot to help out if MKG continues to struggle. Charlotte is looking to stay in the playoffs and this pick should help that cause.

– Josh Viola

25. Houston Rockets: Jerami Grant

Grant fills a desperate need for the Rockets as a wing defender.  He is not polished offensively, and may take a few years to groom into a solid rotation piece.  Given the lack of wing players on the Rockets, however, Grant could have a chance to step in and get minutes early in his career.

– Larry Flynn

26. Miami Heat: Clint Capela

This was also one of my toughest picks of the draft, because I hate the heat. I have decided to grab Clint Capela out of Switzerland, he is a legit 6-foot-11 with outstanding athleticism. He should be able to provide instant impact in the rebounding department while he develops his other skills. Capela is a spot of need with how poorly the Heat usually rebound.

– Dustin Lewis

27. Phoenix Suns: Glenn Robinson

It’s hard to imagine that the Suns will use all their first round picks, but if they do, look for them to go after athletic and versatile players to fit their up tempo style. Had Robinson come out last year, he would have been a top 10 pick. He’s got potential, and his athleticism could make him a good fit on the Suns.

– Andrew Silva

28. Los Angeles Clippers: T.J. Warren

The best value pick left in the draft at this point. He fell pretty far in our mock and seems like a Doc Rivers’ type of player. He’s a players who knows how to do a little bit of everything and has the athleticism to become a great defender, something we all know Doc is high on.

– Josh Viola

29. OKC Thunder: C.J. Wilcox

Wilcox could be a solid replacement if Thabo Sefolosha leaves via free agency.  Wilcox is a knockdown shooter already, and has the length to be a solid NBA defender.

– Larry Flynn

30. San Antonio Spurs: Porzingis Kristaps

With Tim Duncan continuing to get older and closer to retirement, the Spurs could go bold here with the last pick of the first round. Porzingis Kristaps out of Latvia is a prospect with a ton of potential. He’s not even 18 yet, but he is 6-foot-11 and shot over 36 percent from the 3-point line this year. He could come in, learn from Duncan, develop under Greg Popovich, and be a contributor for the Spurs down the road.

– Dustin Lewis

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