Rajon Rondo-King of Trade Rumors

Rajon Rondo trade rumors are resurfacing once again

In the last five seasons, no one has been rumored in trades more than Rajon Rondo. This summer has been no different, especially with the Kevin Love sweepstakes going on in June and July. A recent rumor has many saying Rondo will be in a Sacramento Kings uniform next year. According to Basketball Insiders via Tyler Spencer, “Sacramento Kings/Boston Celtics deal now at “80 percent” to be completed before season. Deal includes McLemore, Williams for Rondo.

Although a source claims this trade is almost “80% finished”, both sides of the deal are adamantly denying that this trade is going to happen or even has been talked about. Either way, Boston needs to think about this deal.

The reported players that Boston would acquire in the acquisition are Derrick Williams, an undersized big man who averaged 9.6 points per game and 5 rebounds per game, and Ben McLemore, the second year guard who last season only scored 8.8 points per game and shot a dismal 37% from the floor. For a four time all star and the leader in triple-doubles over the last five seasons, this seems like a steal for Sacramento.

The Celtics should look to get more than McLemore and Williams for Rondo

In an article for bleacher report , Scott Polacek writes, “Simply put, the Celtics are not going to compete for a title while Rondo, who will turn 29 this season, is in his prime.” Polacek raises a valid point. Rondo is in the middle of his prime. By the time the Celtics will be a legitimate title contender, he won’t be in his prime anymore. Even then, McLemore and Williams for Rondo isn’t a good deal.

The Celtics drafted James Young with the 17th overall pick. With Avery Bradley getting a four year-32 million dollar deal, Bradley will start at the shooting guard spot. Simply put, the Celtics don’t need another two-guard.

Danny Ainge is no stranger to trades, and there is no way that he will give up Rondo for any less than he is worth. Although this trade seems like a raw deal for Boston, Ainge could make it work. One way he could spin this trade positively is by trying to acquire Darren Collison. If the Kings got Rondo, they wouldn’t have much need for Collison. He is a career 12 point per game, 5 assist per game skilled point guard and could start until Marcus Smart is ready to take control of the team. With a salary of only 2 million this year, Collison is a solid, affordable player that the Celtics could pick up in this deal, and it would be beneficial for both sides.

If the Celtics want this trade to benefit their team, they should try to acquire Darren Collison along with McLemore and Williams

If you are a Rondo fan through and through, you shouldn’t worry too much. Rondo rumors get thrown out there all the time. But don’t ignore this rumor completely. This could be the year we see Rondo suit up in another uniform.

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    Best article I’ve ever read

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